Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let the fun begin!

Well, Clara will be 4 months on Friday, so the introduction to solids has begun...and what fun it was. She did pretty good considering it was her very first experience with a spoon. Hopefully her little tummy will do just as well in a little while. This is one milestone in a line of many. First smiling socially (not just from gas), cooing (which is very important to a mama who does speech therapy for a living), and now rice cereal. She's already growing so fast, and I know from the boys that if I blink twice, she'll be big. Though I look forward to days of shopping and getting pedicures-too cliché?- I really want to enjoy her while she is sweet and snugly!

Are you taking time to enjoy the now? Or, like so many, are you focusing on the past or future instead?

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